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Why the 15-Hour Workweek Never Happened

Status-driven spending keeps people chained to their work

Where is the ‘self’ in self-improvement?

Despite scientific advances, we do not understand how the self works. How then, I wonder, can we do self-improvement?

Games and the Design of Optimal Human Experience

Games aren’t just distractions. They can teach us how to make life more worth living.

Why My 2019 is Going to Suck Bigtime

for Medium readers who enjoy the goals more than the work

The Drama of Rules: What Storytelling Can Teach Us About Human Nature

New fiction writers are often given the following advice: “Make your character want something. Then, prevent them from getting it.”

Why Is It So Hard To Ask For What We Want?

Because we are trained to caretake for our parents emotions

Academic Grading is all Backasswards.

Here’s how it’s hurting your business, and how to fix it.

The Tyranny of the Perfect Life

At age twenty-two, I spent two weeks drafting a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty.


Viktor Frankl’s Exploration Of The Purpose Of Life

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? (The Grief of Focus)

for Maarten van Doorn and PhD students everywhere


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