The Post-Grad Survival Guide

We're confused twenty-somethings, but we know the 9–5 isn't for us. Tips on blogging, freelancing, and building your side hustle. A good bit of life lessons and travel tips thrown in, too. Living life on our own terms.

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Tom Kuegler

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The Post-Grad Survival Guide

We give advice on life, careers, and imposter syndrome after college. Get our free 66-page September magazine here →

Stephen Moore

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Learning through conversation is more powerful than anything else

How to Stay Sane Waiting for a Life-Changing Call

It’s not easy to wait for an important call. This applies to both jobs and universities — two of the things that’ll torture us the most.

I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

Are negative interactions as important as positive?

10 Power Quotes To Charge You Up To Find Your Best Work

There are quotes. And then there are notes. I focus on the latter.

Brace and Barricade Yourself

There will be storm. Protect yourself.

The Typing Witch

I watched the eclipse through a skylight at my hostel in Bogotá, Colombia.

Still looking for a golden ticket to business success?

♬ “Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three”.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Travel

Is travel self-actualizing or scammy?

Achieving Your Goal, Regardless Of What Life Throws At You

Less than adequate sleep, a tiring day, an enticing new Netflix series, one more YouTube video. Attention demanding social media apps…

Being More Present Will Change Your Life

On the importance of living in the moment


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