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Musings on life, entertainment, and technology. Note: opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the author in the future.

Mike Raab

I write about media, tech, and life. Currently VC @ Sinai Ventures in SF. Formerly digital TV strategy @ 21st Century Fox in LA.

Latest Posts

Why it’s Time for Publishers to Offer a Pay-Per-Article Option

As the publishing pendulum swings from ad-supported to subscription, publishers need to adapt and innovate — quicker than they did last…

Shame & Commerce: How Tech has Changed Consumer Behavior

How tipping, delivery, and discreet consultations have empowered consumers

The Sci-fi that Inspired Today’s AR/VR Founders

How concepts from The Matrix, Ready Player One, and Feed are the building blocks of the future

How to Clear Your Mind

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal

Searching for Community: Combating Loneliness with Interest-Based Clubs

The healthy rise of membership clubs and the new “Third Place”

Preserving Privacy in the Age of Facial Recognition

Setting Standards for Responsible Identity Management

Chatroulette (without the dicks) was the “Healthy” Social Media

Instead of envy and anxiety, Chatroulette cultivated authentic human connection.

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Is it time to ditch the diamond engagement ring?

A Day in the Life of the Average American

How does your life compare to the average American in 2019?

First Time Founders: How to Pitch Your Startup to Investors

A few tips to hone your startup pitch


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