Publications tagged `COMEDY`
Name Followers
Slackjaw Medium humor. Large laughs. 125,094
The Belladonna Comedy Comedy and satire by women and marginalized genders, for everyone. 51,847
Lady Pieces Show Us Your Piece 42,884
How Pants Work Inseamly humor. 40,821
The Stories Real stories, well-told. 9,492
The Haven A Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk 8,009
Blue Rock Public Radio Medium's satirical news publication and podcast network 6,592
MuddyUm Infecting the World with Humor 3,878
The Bolt-Hole The Bolt-Hole is a refuge for readers who want to curl up with insights for self-improvement, warm stories, and poems that inspire. 918
Down in the Dingle Down in the Dingle is a place for satirical pieces of all kinds, listicles, news, fiction, non-fiction, essay, personal essay, song, etymology, quiz, contest, book review, movie trailer, apology, poem, bad poem, six word novel, simulation, love, truth. 352
That Good You Need Keeping you caught up on what counts. Knowledge about what you don't know, and jokes about what you do. 293
Friedman of the Plains A comedian, born in New York, Barry started performing comedy in Tulsa, concluding that while Manhattan was the place to be discovered, Oklahoma had more parking. 278
The Raabit Hole Musings on life, entertainment, and technology. Note: opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the author in the future. 277
Unpops The official publication wing of the Unpops Podcast Network 141
Big D**ks and Big Dreams Just a girl standing in front of a salad asking it to be a donut. 134