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Do you believe that we can do better at playing the game of life? If you engage with us, you’ll get answers.

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Maarten van Doorn

PhD candidate in philosophy. What do you think you know, and how do you think you know it? Get ideas that make you think:

Nick Wignall

Psychologist and blogger. I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth:

Danny Forest

Status quo’s worst nightmare | Obsessive learner | Productivity beast. Get in touch:

Mike Sturm

In self-imposed exile from academia, reaping the benefits of intellectual promiscuity. Creator of the newsletter “Woolgathering”:

Lauren Reiff

writer of economics, psychology, and lots in between. forever in love with words —

Nico Ryan

Writer | Ghostwriter | Editor | | Book a call with me: | Sign up for my newsletter:


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