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Comedy and satire by women and marginalized genders, for everyone.

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Brooke Preston

Comedy writer/satirist. Co-founder of The Belladonna Comedy. Bylines in @thesecondcity, @reductress, @mcsweeneys, @romper and so on and so forth.

Belladonna Comedy

Funny Writing By Women and Marginalized Genders, For Everyone. Follow us on Twitter @The_Belladonnas.

Fiona Taylor

Co-founder of The Belladonna. I grew up in Florida, but it’s not my fault.

Carrie Wittmer

oh no you’re here

Kristen Mulrooney

Writer of funny things found in The New Yorker and McSweeney’s. Editor of The Belladonna. Follow her on Twitter plz @missmulrooney

Heidi Lux

The Belladonna managing editor. She has written for Nickelodeon and humor sites including Reductress, CollegeHumor, Cracked, Slackjaw, Bunny Ears & McSweeney’s

Emily Kapp

Managing Editor for The Belladonna. Chicago-based comedy writer.

Emily Kling

Twitter: @EmilyKling2

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“If you understand Taylor, you understand humanity.”

Disney Moms Support Group: What Animals Do You Prefer to Watch Your Kids?

We used a dragon, a cricket, and a horse, and they helped my daughter save all of China.

Bye Summer, Hey Fall

New season just dropped!

The Only Thing I Am Guilty of is Giving a Heterosexual, Gender-Conforming Handjob in Public

How dare they judge me for literally doing the thing I falsely accuse them of doing?

That’s Not Cancer. That’s Just Another Strange Thing Growing On Your Body.

Most of them are just run-of-the-mill dermafibrogranunodulomas.

When Your New Male Boss Calls You a “Girl” But You Are Actually a 38-Year Old Senior Copywriter…

Miss important meetings and deadlines whenever you want to run to Taco Bell and explain it is “that time of the month.”

Vibe Check at the Dog Park

No dog, just vibes, sweat, and a hint of teeth.

Can You Do Something Inspiring For Me To Share On LinkedIn?

When else are you gonna get the chance to be put in front of my 122 LinkedIn connections?


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