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Social Media Editor for National @WashingtonPost. Formerly of @GuardianUS. I like to write about politics, digital journalism, and the arts.

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Social Media Editor for the Washington Post’s Financial Section.

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Editor in chief and creative director, The Lily

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News and analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877.

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Trump Just Plunged the Country Into Dangerous New Territory. Here’s What’s Really at Stake.

The big question we face now: Does a president have unlimited power to declare a national emergency when there isn’t one?

Trump’s National Emergency and Its Massive Unintended Consequences

The national emergency lets Trump mollify his conservative critics. But it could have far-reaching consequences.

4 Years in a Row, Police Nationwide Fatally Shoot Nearly 1,000 People

The unchanged annual toll may be explained by basic theory of probability, experts say

Unvaccinated Teens Are Fact-Checking Their Parents—and Trying to Get Shots on Their Own

In three states, at least three self-described teenagers told Reddit they share a problem: Their parents are staunchly opposed to…

‘My Whole Town Practically Lived There’: From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a Pipeline of Illegal…

Accounts by former employees contribute to mounting evidence that even as the president vilifies workers without legal status, he has long…

‘It Will Take Off Like a Wildfire’: The Unique Dangers of the Washington State Measles Outbreak

Lax state laws have helped drive down vaccination rates across the Pacific Northwest, leaving the region vulnerable to catastrophe, public…

We May Finally See Trump’s Tax Returns, and Republicans Are Panicking

How will the GOP defend keeping the returns of a president this corrupt away from public scrutiny?

Northam’s Ugly Yearbook Photo and the Racist Origins of Blackface

The image of a man in blackface standing beside a figure in Klan robes has deep roots in American history


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