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Social Media Editor for the Washington Post’s Financial Section.

Amy King

Editor in chief and creative director, The Lily

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News and analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877.

Jessica Minsun Kim

Producer @Medium

Latest Posts

Climate-Change Anxiety Is Now a Part of Growing Up. Pop Culture Has Caught On.

‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Euphoria’ depict children and young adults grappling with their fears about a fast-changing world

Highlights Magazine Is Right About What We Owe Migrant Children — and U.S. Children, Too

Children deserve more than we’re giving them. Immigration isn’t the only area in which that’s true.

Weight Discrimination Is Rampant. Yet in Most Places It’s Still Legal.

Prejudice against obesity can cost people their jobs and dignity

Reparations for Slavery Aren’t Enough. Official Racism Lasted Much Longer.

Racial inequality flows as much from policies that came after abolition

‘Never Again’ Means Nothing If Holocaust Analogies Are Always Off Limits

Yes, every situation is different. That doesn’t mean we can’t compare them.

The Murder of Black Transgender Women Is Becoming a Crisis

The number of reported hate crimes has nearly doubled in Washington in the past two years

For Those With Hearing Impairments, Restaurant Noise Isn’t Just an Irritation. It’s Discrimination.

The law requires accommodation for people with disabilities. Could that mean turning down the music?

It’s Long Past Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

The Republicans’ stance is meanness for the sake of meanness

The West Knows Yemen’s War and Famine. A Daughter of Immigrants Is Spreading the Word About Its…

She self-published ‘Sifratna’ just for friends, family and colleagues. But it has turned into something else.

Top AI Researchers Race to Detect ‘Deepfake’ Videos: ‘We Are Outgunned’

Researchers fear it is only a matter of time before the AI-generated fake videos are deployed for maximum damage


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