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Social Media Editor for National @WashingtonPost. Formerly of @GuardianUS. I like to write about politics, digital journalism, and the arts.

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Social Media Editor for the Washington Post’s Financial Section.

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Editor in chief and creative director, The Lily

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News and analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877.

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Producer at Medium

Latest Posts

Bullies and Black Trench Coats: The Columbine Shooting’s Most Dangerous Myths

On the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, it’s time for a fact-check about the two killers

Actually, the Mueller Report Showed That Russia Did Affect the Vote

Trump praised WikiLeaks because he thought it helped him win votes — and Mueller showed that WikiLeaks got its information from Russia

What Will Climate Change Do to Us?

The consequences of a warming Earth: A terrifying overview

How the Far Right Spread Politically Convenient Lies About the Notre Dame Fire

The news out of Paris was not actually about a conflict between the West and Islam. But why let facts stop you?

Trump’s Threat to Release Migrants in ‘Sanctuary’ Cities Won’t Work

In suburban Maryland and other communities across the country, people value diversity and are ready to help border crossers seeking asylum

What It Means for Us to Actually ‘See’ a Black Hole

We had proof that black holes existed — yet images of outer space have an uncanny power

The Key to Glorifying a Questionable Diet? Be a Tech Bro and Call It ‘Biohacking.’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s description of his restricted meal plan is a prime example of the way the language of food consumption mutates…

For Trump, the Cruelty Is the Point. But It’s Actually Worse Than That.

Stephen Miller wants fewer immigrants and asylum seekers in the United States, through just about any means necessary

Why Do We Believe Americans Spend Too Much Money on Coffee and Avocado Toast?

Spending on Starbucks and other unnecessary luxury goods isn’t the real source of Americans’ financial woes


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