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We’re Black and we went to Harvard and Howard. So we had to ask, which HU kept it the realest?

Those People publisher, Felicia Megan Gordon and editor, John Lee Fisher, rate the institutions of higher learning you love to hate.

Black Excellence

Tinely Manor, Kwa Zulu Natal, 2017

Red Hats Wont Love You

Red hats won’t love you how we loved you.

Don’t Touch My Hair

I’ve been relaxing my hair and wearing some form of hair extensions, weaves, and wigs since I was seventeen years old. Like many young…

N*GG*R On The Fence:

Trump, Cosby and Clinton

Rite to Remain Violent

straight outta geneva

Things You Should Never, Ever Say to A Black Woman with Mental Illness

1. “Oh, that’s why you’re single — because you’re crazy. I knew there had to be a reason.”

No Fear

They will try and convince you that you are ugly.


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