Publications tagged `AMERICA`
Name Followers
Hillary for America Stories from the campaign trail, moments in history, ideas to help Americans get ahead and stay ahead. 143,902
GEN What matters now. A Medium publication about politics, power, and culture. 81,334
THOSE PEOPLE A black magazine for people too hip for black magazines. Get at us: 49,865
20 for 20 A publication about the 2020 presidential election 394
The American Singularity Giving the insider’s view to American politics from the outside. 237
Truth In Between Mother (Jen) & Son (Finn) navigating the messy middle between the truths of a chaotic and beautiful world, together. 118
Christopher Oldcorn A writer & journalist curious about the world. Published over one hundred stories in 20+ publications. Hire my curiosity 110
Your Morning Peanuts Taking a trip down the political rabbit hole 8
Love And Words This is what it’s like to be a chronically-ill immigrant mom in America 8
America First American writing for an American 21st century 3
On Politics A journal, on politics 3
A.M.E.R.I.C.A Essays on the American Dream, Identity and the Politics of Renewal 1
American Dream Chronicle A collection of personal essays telling the stories of immigrants chasing the American Dream. Written and curated by the team at 0