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Stefano Bernardi

Routing capital and attention towards important things. #planetplus

Latest Posts

Thanks for the $1

I just became a registered human courtesy of Humanity DAO. Get $1 per month by registering as a human.

Announcing the 2019 Summer Unplug Retreat 🏔

June 26th-29th, Val di Rabbi, Italy

The State of Crypto Interoperability. (Explained in Pictures).

There’s been talk about blockchain interoperability recently. This piece is going to be a deep dive on the technicalities of it all.

Liquid airdrops

A lockdrop model with immediate liquidity, using Uniswap

Decentraland Lords

Impressions from NFT primary and secondary market behavior in Decentraland

Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0 — Part 2…The Ether Vacuum

Tl:dr: At the moment, there is a lot of chatter around the evolving role of crypto investors and how asset holders can further strengthen…

Aragon Agent and the future of DAOs

Enabling organizations to interact on the decentralized web

How Ethereum can scale with SNARKs 101

A beginner guide to connect the dots between zero-knowledge proofs, merkle-trees and scaling Ethereum with SNARKs.

Superfluid Collateral in Open Finance

What happens when collateral becomes liquid?

“Proof-of-Nuclear-Bombs”: a most reliable design for stablecoin utility (Part I)

This is a 3-part analysis on a more sociological take on the history of world reserve currencies to preface the purely financial or…


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