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Scribe Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost. 16,171
Books Are Our Superpower Book reviews, recommendations, summaries, rants — as long as it is related to books, your piece is welcome here. We aim to build a community of book lovers sharing about the books that moved them the most. 9,344
Humungus by John DeVore 5,755
My Selection “All good books are the same and when you read a good book you realize it’s already passed on to you and then that book becomes yours whatever good or bad or enjoyable in it. There are evils, sadness, people, towns and seasons there, they all become yours.” (Ernest Hemingway) 273
Darcy and Winters The homepage for erotic epic fantasy authors Kellen Darcy and KC Winters. 47
Legible Blog Read your favourite books from any browser. Anywhere. Anytime. 25
Hotpreneur Cafe Stories about cool startups and businesses, entrepreneurial journeys, billion-dollar money-making, creative freelancing, etc. that for sure will blow  your mind. 21