Publications in topic `Language`
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Human Parts A publication about humanity from Medium: yours, mine, and ours. 283,356
The Ascent The Ascent is a community of storytellers documenting the journey to a happier and healthier way of living. Join thousands of others making the climb on one of the top publications on Medium. 165,131
Slackjaw Medium humor. Large laughs. 138,084
Age of Awareness Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn 42,725
LEVEL Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man. 34,234
World Traveler’s Blog A collaborative project from a diverse group of adventurers and digital nomads sharing the world through inspiring stories. The more you know, the better you travel! 712
Swap Language We write about breaking down cultural and language barriers between people. 232
Silly Little Dictionary! I tease the Merriam-Webster dictionary about words it made up… according to the editors of the New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle. 15
CTRLZ CTRLZ is a magazine that tries to decipher our post-internet world, willing to understand the transformations of ideas, discourses, behaviors and mobilizations. On the surface and in depth. We believe in nuance, and look for balance. Join us! 2