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Latest Posts

Prison Break

How we should design recommendation systems

Data Analytics | Data Profiling | Use case study: Investment Data

Explaining one of the major stages involved in many Data analytics projects “Data Profiling” using an Investment data use case.

Essential AI YouTube Channels

To keep you updated with the latest and coolest machine learning advancements

Meet Google Meena

The latest chatbot tech by Google AI

Convolutional implementation of the sliding window algorithm

In this article, I will discuss how the sliding window algorithm can be understood using the convolutional algorithm. But before that, let…

What is Big Data and What Artificial Intelligence Can Do?

Big data and Artificial intelligence have developed rapidly, are affecting our lives deeply and greatly improve our quality of life.

Machine Learning Fails When It Comes to Embedded System. Here’s Why

A closer look into the embedded world and what ML industry can not tackle so far

Making a free, personal one-page splash screen

Want to show off your portfolio? Maybe you need a page for your online resumé or CV? Maybe you want to demo a web development project?

Matching Algorithms to Business Problems in 4 Steps

How to successfully pick AI appropriate projects and implement them

How to properly ship and deploy your machine learning model

A practical guide with FastAPI, Docker and GitHub actions


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