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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

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A machine learning model for cancer detection

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How Machine Learning Benefits the Transportation, Finance, Medical, and Manufacturing Industries

A look at the advantages of algorithms and the universal appeal of machine learning technology.

Data Shows We Are Wrong About the World

Why everything is not as bad as media tells you

Coloring Rules for Data Scientists

Visuals that tell the real story

Predicting Taxi fares in NYC using Google Cloud AI Platform (Billion + rows) Part 3

The objective of this series of articles is to create a Machine Learning model that is able to estimate taxi fares in NYC before the ride…

Operations Research in R — Transportation Problem

Exploring the “lpSolve” R package

How to Gain State-Of-The-Art Result on Tabular Data with Deep Learning and Embedding Layers

A different approach to Kaggle’s Blue Book Bulldozers Competition


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