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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

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Information Architecture vs. Business Instinct

Designing a Custom CRM for a Steel Metal Deck Brokerage

Data Science on Why Reading the News Might Stress You Out

Can data science add perspective (and maybe calm) to your news reading experience? Examining sentiment polarity across news sources.

How to Normalize Single Cell

Comparing normalization strategies for single cell genomics

Deep Learning from Scratch and Using Tensorflow in Python

Deep learning is one of the most popular models currently being used in real-world, Data Science applications. It’s been an effective…

Writing Useful Functions to Explore Human Genetics with Python

Simple Python Functions can help give an insight into Human Disease

Marketing Analytics: Customer EDA Regression

Lately, I’ve been doing some data science marketing consulting and wanted to share a few skills applied along the way. In this article…

Data Preprocessing in Python

for Machine Learning with working code example…

What’s the difference between analytics and statistics?

Understanding the value of two completely different professions

Mixing policy gradient and Q-learning

Policy gradient algorithms is a big family of reinforcement learning algorithms, including reinforce, A2/3C, PPO and others. Q-learning is…


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