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Blogger and editor @TDataScience. Marketing manager at Hytera.

Wendy Wong

Reporting Analyst at Allianz. Masters candidate in Data Science at UTS. TDS editor.

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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

Dipanjan (DJ) Sarkar

Data Scientist @Intel, Author, Mentor @Springboard, Writer & Editor @TDataScience. Feel free to connect with me at

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Personalization is all the rage these days. From Netflix movie recommendations to optimizing call-to-action font size, never before in…

What does ‘significant’ mean?

In the business world, too few people ask about statistical significance in analysis.

How to Setup Your JupyterLab Project Environment

Create and Customize Your Containerized and Script-controlled JupyterLab Project Environment in a minute.

Building Machine Learning Model From Unstructured Data

You might be familiar with structured data, it is everywhere. Here i would like to focus on discussion on how we transform unstructured…

The ultimate guide to starting AI

A step-by-step overview of how to begin your project

The Building Blocks of Reinforcement Learning: Deep Open Sources TRFL

Deep reinforcement learning(DRL) has been categorized many times as the future of artificial intelligence(AI). Some of the most important…

Cool Factor: How to Steal Styles with Machine Learning, Turi Create, and ResNet

I was excited when I first heard that Turi Create was acquired by Apple and then later open-sourced to the greater machine learning…

5 Frequently Asked Questions in Data Scientist Interviews

Recently, I was asked by some new graduate students about how to prepare for Data Scientist interviews. Generally, the Data Scientist or…


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