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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

Latest Posts

SVM Classifier and RBF Kernel — How to Make Better Models in Python

A complete explanation of the inner workings of Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Radial Basis Function (RBF) kernel

Transformers Explained Visually (Part 3): Multi-head Attention, deep dive

A Gentle Guide to the inner workings of Self-Attention, Encoder-Decoder Attention, Attention Score and Masking, in Plain English.

Data Science Interview Deep Dive: Cross-Entropy Loss

What makes it the de-facto multi-class classifier loss function

Link Prediction and Information Theory: A Tutorial

Using Mutual Information to measure the likelihood of candidate links in a graph.

Automate BigQuery Dataset & Table Size Reporting using BigQuery or Google Sheets

Collect table size and row counts from your BigQuery projects automatically, and store it all in BigQuery and/or Google Sheets.

Bias Variance Trade-off

Learn about bias, variance and total error relationship to model complexity and overfitting/underfitting.

Ensemble Methods in Machine Learning

An Overview of Tree-Based Ensemble Methods

Mining replies to Tweets: A Walkthrough

A brief history of how I jostled, fenced, and scrambled my way with Twitter to mine replies to a tweet

A Complete Beginners Guide to Data Visualization in ggplot2

It’s a Rich Library. Start Using It Today

Where should I eat after the pandemic? (Part 2/2)

Decision Making with Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis using Transformers.


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