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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

Latest Posts

Signature Fraud Detection- An Advanced Analytics Approach

In my previous article, I discussed advanced analytics application in the area of fraud in a generic fashion. In this article, I will…

MRNet: Deep-learning-assisted diagnosis for knee MRI scans

And a kaggle-like competition hosted by Stanford ML Group

Log Book — Practical guide to Linear & Polynomial Regression in R

This is a practical guide to linear and polynomial regression in R. I have tried to cover the basics of theory and practical…

Book Titles Are Getting Longer

A Data Analysis of Trends in the World of Print

Data Mining for Sustainable Data Management

In the rapidly expanding technological world of today, when smartphones, tablets, PCs have become an inseparable part of the human life…

Data Cleaning with No Code: Detecting and Fixing Missing Values

Clean your datasets without having to resort to any programming language or data science library. Do everything from a modern, intuitive…

How to Find Shortest Dependency Path with spaCy and StanfordNLP

Shortest dependency path is a commonly used method in relation extraction

How to make stunning 3D Plots for better storytelling?

Before we begin, This is not a fight between 2D vs 3D plots — nor this is to claim that 3D Plots are superior to 2D, because it’s got…

Model Selection, Tuning and Evaluation in K-Nearest Neighbors

The core of the Data Science lifecycle is model building. Although relatively unsophisticated, a model called K-nearest neighbors, or KNN…

What is Out of Bag (OOB) score in Random Forest?

This blog attempts to explain the internal functioning of oob_score when it is set as true in the “RandomForestClassifier” in “Scikit…


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