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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.

Latest Posts

Live Prediction of Traffic Accident Risks Using Machine Learning and Google Maps

Here, I describe the creation and deployment of an interactive traffic accident predictor using scikit-learn, Google Maps API, Dark Sky…

Support Vector Machines

Never in ML was so much owed by so many to so few

A Deep dive into H2O’s AutoML

An overview of Automated Machine Learning and how to achieve it with H2O.

The Unexpected Lesson Within A Jelly Bean Jar

How Jelly Beans helped me understand a key Artificial Intelligence principle

Pyspark – Feature engineering (P1)

Calcul, aggregate, transform any data

Distributed Vector Representation : Simplified

Arguably the most essential feature representation method in Machine Learning

Selenium on Airflow: Automate a daily online task

An example of using the Selenium WebDriver and Apache Airflow to automate a daily online task.

Multiple Linear Regression — with math and code

Linear regression is a form of predictive model which is widely used in many real world applications. Quite a good number of articles…

Google Fights Language Intelligence Inequality with Massively Scalable, Multilingual Models

Google researchers designed a universal machine translation system that can work across a hundred languages.

Stocks and Bonds are Now Both Right — No Recession in Sight

Expect Stocks to Make New Highs as the Economy Firms Up


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