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Editor at Towards Data Science

Amber Teng

A writer, learner, and explorer, Angela Teng spends most of her time thinking about how interdisciplinary collaboration can galvanize innovations in technology.

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Secretly believes everyone should get involved with tech. Wants to help with that. Let’s connect on LinkedIn!

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Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. Learn more about us here:

Elliot Gunn

Data science publishing @ Towards Data Science. Previously @ C4ADS (data science intern), Global Strategy Lab (research fellow). Background in economics & ML.

Latest Posts

Teaching New Tricks To An Old Camera

Old Camera + Python + OpenCV + TF/Keras + YOLOv3

Ways to Evaluate Regression Models

The very naive way of evaluating a model is by considering the R-Squared value. Suppose if I get an R-Squared of 95%, is that good enough…

Sybill Trelawney and the Confidence Interval Conundrum

In which we learn what confidence intervals are, why we use them, how to calculate them, and help Dumbledore with performance reviews.

Algorithms From Scratch: Support Vector Machine

Detailing and Building a Support Vector Machine from Scratch

ML, ML, who is the Champion of them all?

Predicting 2019/20 champion of UEFA Champion League after suspension using Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Building Recommender System in Python

Building Recommendation System Using Model-Based Collaborative Filtering in Python

Hands-on guide to feature engineering

A step by step to extract useful insights from data

The 3 Most Critical Skills for Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing is the most data-rich field in all of Business, and also has the most pitfalls.

How to not deploy Keras/TensorFlow models

and how to do it smart with model servers

Deploy a Scikit-Learn NLP Model with Docker, GCP Cloud Run and Flask

A brief guide to building an app to serve a natural language processing model, containerizing it and deploying it.


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