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eldon pwwka, essayist of human-nature and whackness

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Dead Souls: an Epitaph for the Online Dating Platforms

the only games in town are over. Is outer-space the final frontier?

Are People Born Good or Bad?

Homo homini lupus

Externalizing Self Loathing

Deconstructing the Dark Side

She’s Just Not That Into You

Let’s face it: most couples don’t belong together

Ode to a Loved One

We are inseparable, you and I

Spectres of Abandonment: Online Ghosting

The Virtual Silent Treatment and Shades of Abuses to Come

No Way to Treat a Lady

Virtual Dating Ipso Facto Breeds Contempt

The Lost Art of Flirtation

And How the News and Social Media is to Blame

Why 2019 is the Year You’re Going to Quit Online Dating

You owe it to yourself to get a life

Only Disconnect: the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What EM Forster and the Unabomber, and a lot of other introverts had to say about the way we’d crack


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