Publications tagged `HUMAN BEHAVIOR`
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Desire Line Desire Line is publication about software architecture, but not as a practice of building software. The Desire Line promotes software architecture as the practice of supporting and enhancing the relationship between people and their computed environment. 31
Motivf Blog Blog posts from Motivf’s authors; exploring Human, Digital, and Spatial topics. 27
Observ world Stories on the unexpected associations in leadership, business, law, design, and life by curious minds. 23
tosspot alternative perspectives 16
Making Make Believe Great stories can change the world. Join us as we dive into the world of human behaviour and storytelling. 16
OpenOut Learning about people through their food 14
It’s Not About You Quick reads to help you understand how we think and make stronger connections 7
Contrasts The world is full of contrasts. But many of us have (in)conveniently or (un)consciously become experts at ignoring them. Contrasts is dedicated to highlighting the ways in which inequalities — major or minor, harmful or harmless, hidden or obvious — are all around us. 3
Today’s Aesop Humans are complicated. We have so many doubts and thoughts that it might become difficult to see through it all. As a biologist, I find animals inspirational because they represent caricatures that can help us understand how we feel. I’m sharing these stories here. 1