Truly*Adventurous is a media company conceived in a spirit of adventure and built with reckless faith in the power of punch-’em-in-the-teeth longform storytelling. We commission original true stories from the world’s best nonfiction artists.

Matthew Pearl

Writer of fiction and nonfiction. Co-founder Truly*Adventurous. 2013 Massachusetts Book Award for Fiction. …

Greg Nichols

Nonfiction storyteller. Lives on a sailboat, crashed a motorcycle, and edits with a cutlass. Co-founder @trlyadventurous.

T*A Team

Blockbuster nonfiction

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The Havana Job

When three CIA agents bungle their way into Fidel Castro’s clutches on the eve of the most dangerous international standoff of the 20th…

One Trailblazing Mother’s Quest to Take America’s First Cross-Country Road Trip

In an age when driving was the next frontier, a young mother rode into mysterious pre-highway terrain and rewrote history.


Drummed out of Vietnam, misfit American pilots were given a choice: Face the music of military justice or go someplace where oddballs and…

The Exorcisms of Emma

In the most remarkable true exorcism case in American history, a woman named Emma seeks help from a priest to free her from a years-long…

Every Living Creature

When a massive Caribbean volcano erupts, the island’s residents flee, leaving their beloved animals behind. As pets and livestock are…

Pillars of Fire

Alice Stebbins Wells became America’s first policewoman with a mission to protect the unprotected in a Los Angeles brewing with mystery…

The True Story of Henry Hill, a Mobster on the Run

A single mom begins a whirlwind romance with Martin Lewis, then discovers that he is actually Henry Hill, a mobster in witness protection


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