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The Three Types Of Designer: Carpenter, Artist, and Entrepreneur

Video version of this article:

The Type Of Person That Succeeds At Freelancing

Only a certain type of person succeeds at freelancing. If you’re not that type of person, don’t do it. Here’s what I discovered what makes…

Designers: stop saying “yes”, start asking “why”

Summary: Clients don’t want you to do what they tell you — they want you to listen to what they say, then use an insight-driven design…

The Most Important Question to Ask Before Taking a New Job

I’ve been interviewing at a lot of companies lately. A big part of doing well in the interview process, is being able to tell a compelling…

Design / UX: Getting That First Job

Summary: Focus on the work first, job applications and marketing second. The most important component of getting work as a designer, is…

27 Designers Worth Listening To (incl. 11 You’ve Never Heard Of)

There’s two big problems with most of the design communication on the internet right now: inexperience and pretentiousness.

Design / Freelancing: The Brutal Truth

Freelancing is a topic that junior designers frequently ask me about. They hear a lot of jazz about being location independent and working…

Design / UX: No one cares as much about your designs as you do

This excitement would inevitably turn into frustration when I showed it to a client, and they didn’t see how clever my solution was, and…

Design / UX: Specialists vs Generalists — What’s Better? Here’s the truth

When I’m out teaching, I frequently get asked “What’s better? To be a jack of all trades designer, or someone that specializes in one…

Design / UX: Get Stakeholder Approval — Simple Ways to Do It

As a design professional, it’s important to take responsibility for your part in managing a client relationship. The better you are at…


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