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Unpaid UX Work Disguised As “Design Exercises”: How To Handle It

After a very enjoyable initial call where I had a great rapport with the interviewer, she explained that the next round of interviews was…

Gorilla User Testing: Using Primates To Advance Human-Centered Design

In the world of UX Design, Guerrilla User Testing is a well-known and popular technique for gathering user research on a shoestring budget.

Great Design Vs Good Design: What’s The Difference? Here’s The Truth

The lowest common denominator for interface design has risen over the last decade. You see a lot less of this now:

Terrible UX Design Job Descriptions (Or: How To Avoid Bad UX Design Jobs)

Terrible UX Design jobs are flooding the market right now.

Confidence As A Designer: How To Build It

“I feel like I don’t belong here” “Everyone else is so good, I don’t know if I’ll ever reach that level” “How in the world did I get into h

Design / UX: Customer Delight — The True Meaning (It’s not cool animations)

The term “Customer Delight” is being thrown around a lot lately. The little apps you’re making are to be “usable, useful, beautiful and…

Ageism in Tech: Why Older Designers Are Better Than Younger Designers

Ageism is a huge issue in the tech industry. People over 50 are seen as “too slow” to keep up with the fast pace of the industry, they…

The Three Types Of Designer: Carpenter, Artist, and Entrepreneur

Video version of this article:

The Type Of Person That Succeeds At Freelancing

Only a certain type of person succeeds at freelancing. If you’re not that type of person, don’t do it. Here’s what I discovered what makes…

Designers: stop saying “yes”, start asking “why”

Summary: Clients don’t want you to do what they tell you — they want you to listen to what they say, then use an insight-driven design…


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