Publications tagged `EMERGING TECHNOLOGY`
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IDEO CoLab A collaborative network focused on accelerating the research and development of emerging technologies. 2,947
Truth About Design Candid truth and guidance for the design industry 2,910
LibertyIT Liberty IT thoughts and tech stories on technical leadership, digital transformation and agile software delivery. 106
dev@red Tidbits and tutorials from the dev instructional staff at RED Academy. 94
SnapOut We help businesses understand customers and users’ needs, for better design and faster growth. Snap Out is a user and market research consultancy specialising in understanding the human side of digital and emerging technologies. 31 Official Medium publication for Akeo.Tech focusing on innovation and spreading awareness about technologies that can disrupt current business models. Follow us to get deep insights into blockchain, AI & ML, Fintech, and Industry 4.0. More info at — 20
Amalgam A decentralized, community-driven magazine for writers who are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, grassroots initiatives, cooperativism, decentralization, emerging technologies, and the power of ideas 9
Curated Cube Blockchain & Crypto Content 8
accpl Conspiring to Create 8