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The UX Knowledge Base Sketch collection is for UX designers and anyone interested in UX design or in sketching.

Krisztina Szerovay

💻UX Designer 👩‍🏫Mentor 📝Founder of the UX Knowledge Base Sketch — https://uxknowledgebase.com ✏️️Sketching for UX Designers — https://sketchingforux.com

Latest Posts

Collecting and using desing inspiration —best practices and resources

My advice on how to use design inspiration effectively

Alingment — Design Principle — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #40

Aligning elements on your UI creates an underlying invisible structure

Good Defaults in UX design — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #39

A default is a ready-made decision for your users. You preselect values, settings or preferences for the user.

Whitespace in UI design — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #38

Whitespace is a key aspect of UI design, it lets users focus on what is important

Eye Tracking: How Users Read Online — Part 2

Eye tracking patterns, gaze plots, heatmaps, limitations; central & peripheral vision

How Users Read Online — Part 1

Most users don’t read & how you can design for scannability

UX Honeycomb — The 7 Aspects of UX Design

How to explain what UX is about to beginner designers or clients

Consistency — Design Principle — UX Knowledge Piece Sketch #34

Why consistency is important and when you should break it

UX Sketching Exercises for Ideation Part 3: Solution sketch

Sketching out your best ideas in a detailed way


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