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Felix Simon

Journalist & Researcher. Words in FAZ, Die Welt, Telegraph, NZZ, and others. MSc @OIIOxford & Research Assistant Reuters Institute, University of Oxford.

Latest Posts

“We Have To Be As Good As We Possibly Can In What We Do”

Can we fix the news? Alan Rusbridger, author of “Breaking News“ is optimistic. An interview about the future of news.

What The Media Can Learn From London’s Speaker’s Corner

Speaker’s Corner has turned into a playground for fanatics. But the bastion of freedom of speech has a lesson in store for the media.

What Makes Journalists Popular On Twitter?

Most journalists want to be famous on Twitter. But research shows fame is hard to come by.

The Big Data Panic

Cambridge Analytica said it could move the minds of American voters. Science tells a different story.

How Apple plans to take over TV

The technology giant’s push is all about quality — and will likely shake up the TV market

Smart devices are exploiting our convenience. We shouldn’t let them

They react to commands such as “Alexa” and “OK, Google”, are elegantly designed and beautiful to behold. Smart speakers are the latest…

Digital Capitalism Goes Analogue

Why we should be wary of Google’s smart city

The Media Is Obsessed With Trump’s Tweets – We Should Know Better

How to deal with a president’s desire for attention

What It Looks Like On The Dark Side of the Web

Talking troll culture, online harassment and the state of the media with media studies scholar Whitney Phillips


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