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Latest Posts

Fleabag: An Absurdist Masterpiece

Has an existential crisis ever looked so chic?

Horrible People, and Why We Love Them

How we came to idolize fiction’s worst role models.

How CGI Killed our Empathy for the Lion King

A lion dies and nobody cries

How Anti-Consumerism Sold Out

Millennials have stopped buying “stuff” and started consuming lifestyles.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Sad Spiritual Sequel to Inglourious Basterds

The film might have left you asking one basic question: what was the point of that?

Why Nic Cage’s Strangest Performance Is Also His Most Profound

Cage isn’t just good in this otherwise mostly mediocre film. He is actually sublime.

Why Are Some Onscreen Deaths Hilarious?

There’s a reason you laugh at certain movie deaths, and it’s not because you’re sick in the head.

Why Teens Are Watching Stranger Things (When They Don’t Watch TV)

What does it mean to be nostalgic for an era you never experienced?

Toilet Culture: The Bizarre Rise of Japan’s High Tech Toilets

How tradition, imperialism, and consumerism have created a billion dollar “anal hygiene” industry in Japan


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