Women Writing Memoir

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?” — This is a group for women to support, encourage and empower each other thorough all stages of the Memoir Writing Process. Beginner to seasoned Memoir writers are welcomed. FREE YOUR VOICE! Stop the silence.

Michelle Monet

Writer. Musician. Seeker. Writing showbiz survival Memoir, daily essays on Medium and Broadway style musical in between spoiling 4 cats. www.michellemonet.com

Jae Hermann

Real talk about midlife, personal motivation, and how to live on purpose - https://jaehermannsblog.substack.com

Christina Hausauer

Early Childhood professional/Writer.Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Sometimes I write harsh truth. Sometimes I create tales. Its ALL ME

Latest Posts

My Father; Budding Arborist and Fire Truck Thief

A Comedy Memoir in Two Parts Regarding My Father, Specimen Of Man

I Am Back To My Memoir with Fresher Eyes

The second time around feels less daunting

Laughing at Our Past Horror Stories is a Sign of Healing

Iyanla VanZant shared her story of stabbing her abusive ex by laughing at it.

Nikoli the Scientist: Ode to a Space Pet

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France

The Fortune Cookie Knows…

We were sitting in the Chinese restaurant talking about writing.

He’s Still an Asshole

Just an older, skinnier, sicker one

My Biggest Fear

…as I consider reading my mother’s journals.

Why I’m Telling My Story About Life With a Neuropsychiatric Illness

Memoir isn’t my usual genre — but it’s what I need to write.

Mom and The Bad News.

Mom saw Dr. Smith since they moved here five years ago. He was Dad’s doctor too, until his death 3 years ago. Dr. Smith was concerned…


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