Yuji Develle

Founder of @WonkBridge | Follow me on Twitter: @YDevelle

Karen Flieswasser

Philosophy of Science Graduate (LSE), Technology Professional & Recent UNODA-OSCE Scholarship Recipient

Latest Posts

Digital Literacy as a Human Right — An Interview with Helen Milner

Digital literacy is fundamental to a healthy digital society and economy. And yet billions around the world are without it.

A Decade Beyond Satire: Replaying Grand Theft Auto V

Featuring Aaron Suduiko of With a Terrible Fate

Peter Thiel and the Relationship of Monopolies to Inflation

Part 2 of our “A Debate with Peter Thiel (Who is Not Present)”, where we get serious with the tech colossus’ theory of positive monopoly

How does digital media affect early childhood education? — Interviewing Kerri Bleeker

Kerri Bleeker is a mother and a trailblazer in research concerning digital media’s impact on early childhood development

A Debate with Peter Thiel (Who is in No Way Present)

Wonk Bridge’s Jerome Ambrose never met Peter Thiel, but he did nevertheless interview him across time, space, chapter and subject…

Madison v Zuckerberg

Federalist 51 is our best defense against Big Tech’s monopolistic impulses

RuNet lockdown

Is a Great Firewall of Russia possible?

Is the American Public Still in Love with Big Tech?

This is the story of the ultimate marriage of convenience…

A Cruel Machine’s Thesis: Nika Mahnic, the Tech Killjoy

How do we maintain our humanity while using technology? Nika Mahnic is the co-Founder of civic-tech NGO, Danes je nov dan and the creator…

Time to stop comparing China’s Social Credit to Black Mirror

Spin-doctors have worked on this story for two years now. A closer look at the corruptible incorruptible Social Credit system.


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