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The Race to Reinvent Sparking creativity and innovation in the modern business leader. 0
IDEAL Immigration We’re Advocates for Immigration Policy Designed To Enhance America Lives. 0 was created by Kathy Leonardo and Richard Bilow with the goal of inspiring people to travel and experience life from new perspectives. “Let the journey begin” is a call to action…a not-so-subtle way of saying “get off your ass and go somewhere.” 0
CallTheONE Instant contact with an expert via live video calling 0
Filmsupply Revolutionizing Stock Footage ™ 0
Life with Southern Spice Sharing stories of life on the Southern Coast that will make you laugh, cry and crave sweet tea. 0
Identify A place to find my unpublished articles 0
Spirion Data Privacy Advisor Curated by Spirion, leader in Rapid Sensitive Data Protection, this publication features news, tips and industry insights on issues such as data protection, compliance and regulations, data loss prevention and more. 0
Life in the (Not So) Big City Reflections, commentary, and criticisms on urban and suburban lifestyles 0
Poets in Motion A place to for poets to discuss writing poetry. From inspiration, to editing, to habits and routines. We want it all. 0
Waseem D. Ezzie Work Sample Portfolio 0
Your mileage will vary Your mileage will vary 0
Teachers of San Francisco a publication by, for, and about teachers from San Francisco 0
The Democracy Project Among other things, The Democracy project is a class that looks at an urban community from the Marquette University campus to the city of Milwaukee as a whole, and addresses various social issues that effect its citizens. 0
Musing On Music. Music reviews and chatter by José Guilherme 0