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What If Theory What If Theory — it could be crazy or real -1
integrate-git-bash-with-github-and-visal-studio How to install Git Bash, manage SSH keys to authenticate with GitHub, and to integrate Git Bash with Visual Studio Code. -1
Techonometrics Learnings from building an ecommerce website — product development, full stack web, analytics, startup economics etc -1
At The Intersections Melanated musings on transportation and mobility by and for women of color. -1
Learning to Live This is a publication that sheds light on some tough topics that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I want to encourage people to take control of their lives, learn from past mistakes and be happy. -1
Genie Lab Personal data story journal by Rakesh Chintha -1
Out Of The Inkwell Writing on mental health, wellbeing, and handling the messes of modern life -1
The Second Draft Amateur publication. Learning to express, question, and sharpen ideas and interests. -1
My Grief Ages, Too They say there are ten stages to grief. I say ten’s too convenient of a number, and there’s nothing convenient about a dead mother. -1
Applications of Machine Learning The authors of this publications are students at IIIT Delhi. They are passionate computer science learners having a keen interest in software development and data science. -1
JoonSikYang Blog by Joon Sik Yang -1
Harvested Financial We’re making option strategies available for everyone — here we share the technology we’ve used to make that happen. Feel free to reach out with further questions. -1
The Self Hack Full of “Life-Hacks” this publication has the news, stories, and articles that come only from the experience of having lived them. Tried, tested, and true, you’ll learn to hack everything from the Stock Market to Self Improvement. All are welcome here to read, hack, or write. -1
Real Change Medium Publication on Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, Activism, and the Red Movement -2
programming_fever A Medium publication sharing projects,concepts,tips and tricks for python programming. -2