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&Partners We build ethical technology products that disrupt the status quo through human-centered design and research. 10
Lifelong Wanderers We’re Sarah & Alex exploring North America full-time in our class A motorcoach. Subscribe at 10
Amy Pilkington The musings of author Amy Pilkington 10
Major threats to your business: human factor Managing behavioral risk, measuring employee morale, detecting corporate fraud and protecting your staff from blackmailers or undisciplined colleagues — moulding keys to healthy environment and data safety 10
Parenting Tales From the Trenches Daily life and assorted ephemera about the trials and triumphs of raising kids 10
beyond2c From the northern halls of the Vikings home comes this tribe of creative heralds. Writers, poets, photographers, creatives, great thinkers, fitness geeks, and experts. There are no stones and thoughts, and creative adventures left unturned in the pages of Beyond2c. 10
National Service Scheme, IIT Roorkee The NSS IITR Publication 10
The Photojournal. The story of a young maverick in the modern world. 10
Education Report K-12 and Higher Education News, Opinion & First-Person Stories 10
Essays from the Leaders of Tomorrow Writing from the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow selected through the St. Gallen Symposium’s Wings of Excellence Essay contest. The St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award is the world’s most prestigious essay competition aimed at graduate students. 10
Flipp Engineering Insights from the engineers at Flipp 10
Observations of a Curious Mind. a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand. a maverick. 10
DX Innovation at Fresno State Digital Transformation at Fresno State offers Creative Collaboration spaces, Design Thinking framework, and Incubation opportunities to transform our student learners to tomorrow’s global leaders via emerging technological innovations. 10
Medusa’s Dharma Medusa’s Dharma is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of violence towards Women, Children, and those with Disabilities. Based in Memphis, TN, we create awareness, provide resources, information, and case management to those in need. 10
Whose society? Whose cohesion? Historical perspectives show us just how limited our ideas of societal cohesion are. 10