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Design Aficionado people, objects, ideas 2
evangelinelee Data Analysis in R 2
Communication Design Fundamentals | Fall 2018 An Introduction to Design and Communication 2
Europa Rup Información cosmopolita desde ultramar. Cosmopolitan news from overseas. 2
What Then? What will the world look like after Hyperbitcoinization? 2
getempowerED A publication about eating disorders aimed at helping people achieve full bellies, full hearts, and full lives. 2
Made in Azores Made in Azores intends to be a place where the excellence of regional gastronomic and cultural products from the Islands of the Azores is just a click away. 2
theAmateurMarketer Our community writes to equip students with academic theories and marketing tips and tricks, to grow any amateur marketer from 0–1. 2
Social Cinema Musings on the social implications of ‘visual narratives’ 2
Thyme and Time Again The Poetry of Troy Camplin 2
I’m Not A Headline Guy… MLB Fan Blog — Yankees 2
Surge Institute The Surge Institute is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment, advancement, growth, and achievement of youth and communities of color. 2
The Big Fix Stories about re-engineering the economy to work for the planet, not against it. 2
@EBQ EBQ is an outsourced sales and marketing organization, providing services to software and technology companies. Our employees specialize in different aspects of the overall sales cycle and can be sourced per your organization’s needs. 2
Making ends meet in the Tri-Cities Stories of struggle and persistence in Northeast Tennessee, by students in the spring 2019 Reporting Public Affairs class at East Tennessee State University 2