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sameconversation Articles, reviews and think-pieces spanning all corners of music. 1
Mostly Business Articles focused mostly on topics that intrigue me and lead to sustained, long-term, competitive advantage. 1
Discussing Network A network of geeks writing about the properties they love, including Doctor Who, Star Trek, and comics. 1
The X Factory Make growth inevitable through technology. Learn about industry-best practices, guides, and trends in building disruptive digital businesses. More at 1
harvestable Harvestable is an online marketplace that helps chefs source local foods. This is our blog. 1
South Eugene Robotics Team The only FRC team in the Eugene/Springfield area. 1
For All the Silenced Voices This blog seeks to highlight underrepresented people. 1
College Track A comprehensive college completion program that empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college. 1
In the Opposite Direction Going in the opposite direction is to go upstream on our stream of consciousness, seeing the water fan apart in ever smaller tributaries as they climb the mountain, trembling, weak, but curious. Its where we’re not supposed to go. 1
SHOTS ZINE SHOTS ZINE is an independent, student run publication. 1
Flexible Head Films and so on… 1
The Introspection Musings and reflections on life at the intersection of Finance and Technology 1
XMinus20 Classic Rock Reviews Essays, articles, and listicles that review, critique, and celebrate the greatest classic rock songs, albums, and performances of the 1960s and 1970s as perceived through a GenX writer's lens, who wishes she had been there to experience it. 1
Humans and the Machine Humans, Social Media, and Technology 1
James Daykin Ramblings on fast cars and the web 1