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Reem Sabha Thoughts on politics, culture, and more. 7
Dark Eros Dark Erotica with taboo, transgressive themes 7
HealthyPets Leading Canada in Telemedicine 7
h0llyw00d h4x0rs Reviewing hacking depictions in mainstream film and tv 7
Highbury Journalism News Local and national news written by NCTJ-training students based at Highbury College in Portsmouth 7
Pixians Pixians is a renowned UX/UI design agency that deals with mobile and web applications, landing pages, logos, branding and software designing. It employs a heuristic process to craft unforgettable designs and cultivate a positive user experience. 7
seventyseven Add a description 7
WIEGO WIEGO is a global network focused on securing livelihoods for the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy. 7
The Unhoused Who we are, why we are, what can be done. 7
Writing the Big City 2019: Term 2, Working Students at the pre-college summer academy of the School of the New York Times write about working. 7
Strawm*n Strawm*n is an opinion magazine based on the idea of transparency. We should debate the issues, not the motives of people writing them. With this in mind, our writers are clear and unapologetic about their ideological commitments, as well as their critiques of others’. 7
CrossFit? I Thought They Said Cross Stitch Real, raw and random. My journey starting CrossFit at 57 7
Menstrual Health Hub A global female health impact consultancy working with the public & the private sector to strengthen collective impact & increase innovation around the globe. 7
Launch Lab Software strategies for growing businesses. 7
freshtrax by btrax Dive deeper into business in Japan. Insights you won’t find anywhere else. 7