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Thought Vault A collection of stories, observations & articles from the curious minds of creative individuals. 6
Prodigy Engineering Prodigy Education connects students, parents, teachers and school districts with resources that promote a lifelong love of learning. 6
Special Nation Navigating the special needs world: parenting, special education, family and community. What disability can teach us about the human condition. 6
Agent Quest My journey finding a literary agent 6
The Green Space Combating climate change step by green step 6
Thirty Seconds to Science Humorous discussions about science, nature, and space… without any experts around. 6
Good Company Good Company is committed to helping employers and employees understand, improve and get excited about the single biggest influence on their work lives: the company they keep. 6
Sigma - ML Platform This will contain articles related to resource optimizations in machine learning serving systems. 6
Panhandle Press Alternative viewpoints on contemporary issues coming hot off the presses from your favorite American panhandle in beautiful Northern Idaho. 6
TomTom Stories from a moving world 6
Avenga We are a global team of experts with a mission to shape the conventional IT market. Our goal is to set tomorrow’s wide industry benchmarks today. 6
Wonderful Words, Defined A celebration of awesome, rarely used, highly novel words in the English language. 6
Contemplations of Life We talk about life. Ways to achieve your goals and face your struggles and fears. We aim to promote how to live a positive, happy, healthy life. 6
Transformed Faith be transformed… 6
The Cases of Charles Splints The Cases of Charles Splints is a fictional series written by Dan Leicht. Each case, unless otherwise noted as an ongoing story, is a separate case in which Splints will have to use wit, or sometimes brawn, to solve a wide variety of cases taking place in the city of Brooksend. 6