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17 Onji 17 Onji publishes haiku in both modern Western style (i.e. 17 syllables) and in a form more in keeping with Japanese tradition (i.e. poems that are closer in length / duration to 17 Japanese onji, or what we know as mora). 0
My 52 problems This is my answer to a #Write52 initiative which main aim is to write one blog post every week for a year. The theme of my 52 stories is the “Impact of modern technology on our lives”. 0
Yonder & Home Storytelling centered on food, folks, & faith. Writing about the good things in life and how they came to be. Medium platform for Please follow and share. 0
Bard & Buried Bard & Buried is a growing community of geeks, nerds, and dorks who want to create a home for you. It’s never been a better time to embrace the creativity and imagination of our world, so come on in, get comfortable, and stay awhile. We’re glad you’re here. 0
jozlynsclassroomblog Blog Based Portfolio for Class: Writing for the Electronic Media 0
Consequential Podcast Focusing on the human side of technological change. 0
U AND X I help startups by creating websites and apps that their audience loves 0
Upasana Mahanta Apply Data Science principles to generate insights from data 0
Immoweb Tech Blog Breaking down the Monolith, moving away from Legacy to a modern, flexible, and sturdier cloud-based platform, this is the exciting adventure that Belgium’s #1 Real Estate website has embarked on, and this is what our IT team wants to share with you! 0
matthew.wimb I am continuously learning about development, database administration, deployment, and a host of other things. My professional career is centered around being a SQL DBA and my personal projects revolve around Django development. 0
Daily Fatherhood A journey through marriage and parenting from the perspective of a Christian husband and father. My goal is that as I share my experience and my reflections on it will help other men to examine their own relationships and lead their families well as we are called to do. 0
Everyday Chemistry The Medium home for Everyday Chemistry Publishing brought to you by General Mathematics design studio (Manchester, UK). Documenting and discussing design culture in broad terms and across media from print to digital to recipe book and sound design. 0
CEMAC (This is just a testing page) 0
Berlin Developer Programming related articles 0