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Vajiha Hameed Data lover. Career changer. Third sector enthusiast. 0
Heuro Labs We develop open source software for science 0
How UI Kit is Important for Designers and Developers UI kit is one of the most pivotal elements in creating a high-quality design. They contain comprehensive elements that allow us to create our design structure properly and also without sacrificing our creative and original ideas. 0
The Daily Introvert Exploring the introvert’s life through personal stories and science-backed essays. 0
Da Bridge Connecting you one genre at a time. 0
Learn Think Grow: Society and Culture We look at how society and culture can be improved by applying ideas and findings in social sciences, philosophy, cognitive science, and other disciplines. 0
OnlineMedEd OME is a comprehensive clinical learning platform for medical students and health professionals. 300K+ registered users, 13M+ minutes of active viewing monthly 0
Long Island Report Stories of and about Long Island 0
Illness Chronicles Stories from people living with medical conditions and from people who share in our lives and struggles. 0
myportfoliotest This is a draft medium account for me to collect feedback and review the cases that will be posted in my portfolio 0
iober Opinionated self-tested tips to improve throughput so you can stop worrying about your task list 0
Mario Di Giorgio / Design Portfolio A collection of works, thoughts and experiences as a Designer 0
Our Broad Reach Our 2020 publication focuses on how we’re extending our reach, whether through recent advances in treating a variety of diseases, or different approaches to the practice of medicine, or the diverse faces of medicine at Stanford. 0
smartChimps Modern and realistic self-help advice from people that have been through and know stuff. 0
Beampipe We are building A dead simple, privacy-centric web analytics tool that’s fun to use. 0