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Tangram Visions Musings on computer vision, sensors, robots and other vision-enabled devices. 0
Finding My Manageable There’s no home economics class for adults in recovery rebuilding a life. Let’s develop a curriculum. 0
Language Tech Join the community and be the first to learn about the latest language tech and industry insights! #MachineTranslation #Chatbots #SpeechRecognition #Localization #SpeechSy 0
Final Girl Final Girl is a new horror publication based in London, UK. Twitter: @finalgirluk 0
Japan In Mind Tackling everything from philosophical questions to lifestyle to political issues, we think about the world around us today, from a perspective enlightened with Japanese traditional and modern culture. 0
Cloud to Street Cloud to Street is a social good start-up creating a global high-resolution flood mapping and monitoring system designed to protect the most vulnerable and enable resilience worldwide 0
Protegy. Paper to note down my ideas and product strategies. 0
Classical Physics This publication includes writings on classical physics theories , problems and experiments 0
A Tech Blog A blog about tech. 0
Backend Logs This publication is focused on backend development 0
chnnl A wholly digital platform providing insights, information and data on employee mental health and wellbeing A space for employees to safely share and employers to listen and learn 0
Best Guess Ideas, Opinion and Science Fiction, touching on Philosophy, Economics, Politics and Technology. 0
Stephanie’s Writing Corner This publication is about my interests as a teacher and a writer. I like to write about topics in teaching, childhood, children and young-adult media, and disability. I write pieces from analytic essays to opinion pieces to bits and pieces about current projects I’m working on. 0
Dream Net Extremely Topical. Welcome to my new publication of daily thought culture blogs 0
Why David Y Distilling technology concepts to help you be a successful technologist. 0