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Calm down, it’s only the apocalypse The hitchhiker's guide to the apocalypse. Will you survive? Not if you don’t follow this publication, you won’t. 0
PaigeMcDermott Case studies & personal publications 0
Partly Functional Game development blog centered around our progress creating our first game. 0
Intimate Moments Discussing love, sex and relationships in all their intimate details 0
The Orange Curated stories on marketing, development and social media. 0
MoodoftheUnion Mood of the Union 0
UXology Anthology of thoughts, learnings and reflections about my journey as UX Designer 0
Reform School For the smart kids that sat in the back of the bus. 0
Go-Far 2019: Okinawa Photo essays and story pictures from Okinawa 0
LiveHelpNow Customer Service Strategy and Actionable Insights 0
Allegory A platform to showcase work of budding writers, creators and artists from around the world 0
Wellness Anecdotes Wellness stories, inspiration, and advice. 0
Acadiate Company blog for Acadiate. Covering issues in talent marketing and professionalism for students and new grads. 0
The Extreme Balance Many things require making a balanced decision and the right mix of different approaches to succeed. The Extreme Balance is about how to recognize places where the balance can be kept and how to determine the right balance itself. 0
To Be Loved & To Be In Love An Adoption and Self Discovery Story 0