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Heath Brown

Heath Brown, associate prof of public policy, City University of New York, study presidential transitions, school choice, nonprofits

William Resh

I am the C. C. Crawford Associate Professor of Management and Performance at USC Price School; I study bureaucracy & the politics of policy implementation.

Christopher Witko

Christopher Witko is Professor and Associate Director @PSUPublicPolicy

Samuel Workman

Professor, Data & Statistical Consultant, West Virginian, Author of The Dynamics of Bureaucracy in the U.S. Government https://amzn.to/3ilKSuh

Lindsey Cormack

Associate professor of political science working on equipping people with civic power howtoraiseacitizen.com & understanding political communication dcinbox.com

Carolyn Barnes

Assistant Professor Duke University


Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Boise State University

Johnjairo Fernandez-Dearcia

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow @ UC Riverside. Interests in international finance and economic statecraft, particularly concerning China and Latin America.

kim yi dionne

Political science researcher and instructor who specializes in African politics and health.


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