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A Voice of Reason in the otherwise cacophonous world of cryptocurrency.

David Beiner

Making sense of chaos. Which doesn’t make sense. Mine as well give it a try though.

Daniel Goldman

dev, writer, cryptster.

Latest Posts

How Not To Critique Ethereum

A Handy Guide For Bitcoiners

The Path Towards Decentralization With Compound’s Robert Leshner

Can a protocol be decentralized piece by piece?

Introducing Plasma Tether

Scalable Autonomous Systemic Risks

We Need Better Terms for Everything in Cryptocurrency (including “Cryptocurrency”)

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Stablecoins: A Blockchain Product With Actual Mass Appeal

If We View Stablecoins As Novel Products, Not Cryptoassets, New Possibilities Emerge

Mr. Fantastic: A (Focused) Response To Nouriel Roubini’s Senate Testimony

It was bound to happen eventually: economist and noted crypto FUD spreader Nouriel Roubini, aka “Dr. Doom”, testified to the US Senate…

Lightning Network 2.0

Understanding the next wave of Lightning Network innovations, and the obstacles they seek to overcome on the winding road to a scalable…

Crypto Around The World Issue #3

Are State Backed ICO Scams The Key To Global Crypto Awareness? Stranger Things Have Happened.

An Optimistic Eye Towards Blockchain’s Global Impact

In Which ICOs Finally Facing The Beginning Of Their Much Deserved Reckoning Allows Me To Look Positively Towards The future

Crypto Around The World: Issue #2

Crypto At The Cinema in Thailand, ConsenSys Partners With China, And More…


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