Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY`
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Mosaic Blog Cryptoasset data and research platform. 4,828
BlockChannel BlockChannel is a new media & educational hub focused on the socio-cultural/economic issues related to blockchain technologies like BTC/ETH/& ZEC. Visit for more resources; and for our official podcast. 4,825
Cryptocurrency Hub Following Latest Cryptocurrency News, Trends and Technologies. Learn about blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, etherium and much more. 3,590
SoftwareMill Tech Blog A partner to execute your idea + technical expertise. Machine learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Scala, Akka, Distributed systems, Backend development. 1,880
The AdEx Blog This is the official blog of the AdEx advertising protocol 1,746
Varanida News & Updates on Varanida 907
clearmatics Clearmatics builds member-owned and governed distributed systems that automate contracts and the transfer of economic value. We call our technology approach “decentralized automation”​, which combines cryptography, consensus protocols and economic mechanism design. 746
Oath Protocol Chain-agnostic dispute resolution and governance protocol that facilitates fair, robust, and transparent community decisionmaking 493
The Abacus Crypto Journal A Voice of Reason in the otherwise cacophonous world of cryptocurrency. 467
securitize The compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain 346
Techracers All about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto Assets. We transform business ideas into reality by providing Blockchain Solutions. 205
Cotten.IO Technology - established, emerging, disruptive, speculative 172
Picks & Shovels Outfitting institutional crypto asset investors with mission-critical tools 164
Logos Network Logos Network: The hyperscalable, low-cost and secure platform ushering the future of payments, today. 164
Blockchain Art Collective Art Provenance in the Digital Age 132