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Emerging Technologies Software Development. Experts in Blockchain, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and IOT. www.elasticis.com

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Top 5 Creepy Robots

Halloween is coming

Are robots… alive?

The most asked question on Google

Neuralink: This week’s Announcement & the amazing possibilities in future

I have always been excited about the human-brain interface ever since that became a possibility a few years ago. I had penned down some…

Foundations of intelligence

What are the foundation of intelligence? What can make an artificial entity capable of intelligent behavior in its own environment? Here I…

Privacy is Obsolete

We will be better-off relinquishing our privacy to an artificial intelligence. Only if we engineer it in a particular way, and manage it…

Quantum Accelerator

Let’s get META…

Can machines have common sense?

“Alexa, get my vegan friend a steak.” — Part 1

AI: What’s Next? On Demand AI Means OnDemand Intuitive Marketing

It’s not hyperbole to state that all of us — our behaviours, buying decisions and ultimately our thoughts — are constantly informed by a…

Evaluating Feature Importance

Q: The paper regards Feature Importance, what is this

Transfer Learning Overview

The journey of Transfer Learning starts long ago but one of the most interesting milestone is the following paper


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