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A Publication Focused on the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and the People Behind the Emerging Technologies and the Innovation.


Emerging Technologies Software Development. Experts in Blockchain, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and IOT. www.elasticis.com

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Quantum Accelerator

Let’s get META…

Can machines have common sense?

“Alexa, get my vegan friend a steak.” — Part 1

AI: What’s Next? On Demand AI Means OnDemand Intuitive Marketing

It’s not hyperbole to state that all of us — our behaviours, buying decisions and ultimately our thoughts — are constantly informed by a…

Evaluating Feature Importance

Q: The paper regards Feature Importance, what is this

Transfer Learning Overview

The journey of Transfer Learning starts long ago but one of the most interesting milestone is the following paper

Abstract Intelligence

Symbolic reality is the basis for intelligence, in general.

The Month in Robot Ethics

AlphaGo strikes again!

On conversational interfaces, AI and the sum of the little things

​A few weeks ago, I was reading a few blog posts from two of the great minds at a16z about conversational interfaces being a fad and the…

How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes the Banking Industry

“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.” — Nick Bostrom

What AI Can Do For Your Business (And How To Drive it)

In recent meetings and events with CEO’s and business leadership teams, we’ve noticed a certain amount of confusion around the benefits of…


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