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Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine Latest News, Info and Tutorials on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data and what it means for Humanity. 28,426
TensorFlow TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. 24,573
Intuition Machine Deep Learning Patterns, Methodology and Strategy 23,055
Analytics Vidhya Analytics Vidhya is a community of Analytics and Data Science professionals. We are building the next-gen data science ecosystem 13,949
ML Review Highlights from Machine Learning Research, Projects and Learning Materials. From and For ML Scientists, Engineers an Enthusiasts. 8,717
Cracking The Data Science Interview Your Ultimate Guide to Data Science Interviews 5,612
Applied Data Science Cutting edge data science, machine learning and AI projects 5,203
Towards AI Towards AI, is the world’s fastest-growing AI community for learning, programming, building and implementing AI. 3,224
NanoNets NanoNets: Machine Learning API 3,091
IBM Watson AI Platform for the Enterprise 2,849
ActiveWizards: machine learning company Helping organizations to implement AI and data science initiatives 1,966
Voyage Delivering on the promise of self-driving cars 1,741
Apache MXNet Apache MXNet (incubating) is a deep learning framework designed for both efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to mix symbolic and imperative programming to maximize efficiency and productivity. 1,631
Artificial Intelligence Network AIN is a place for AI enthusiasts, researchers, machine learning students and futurists to write and talk about artificial intelligence in all aspects of life. 1,583
BCG GAMMA GAMMAscope - The Blog 1,185