Akanka is an experience design studio. We optimize experiences using design, data, and strategy. - www.akanka.com


Akanka is a global design and strategy studio. We improve people and organisations by optimising experiences - www.akanka.com

Chuba Ezekwesili

Biophilic Designer & Co-Founder @AkankaDesign & @anafricanfuture 👨🏾‍💻 Economist @Yale 📈 Twin @ChineEzeks @EzeksTwins 👬🏾 Bae @MohiniUfeli ❤️️

Chine Ezeks 🎨

Neo-Traditionalist ☀️ Designer for @AkankaDesign & @anafricanfuture 🎨 Passionate about designing energy, Africa & happiness ⚡️🌍🧡 Twin: @chubaezeks 👬🏾

Latest Posts

3 Lessons Economists can Learn from Designers

In the first part of this series, I wrote about three lessons designers can learn from economists. In this second part, I’ll be going…

3 Lessons Designers can learn from Economists

I’ve found that the statement, “I’m an economist turned designer” raises many eyebrows. It’s hard to see the connection between both…

Introducing Amojis by Akanka

At Akanka, we work remotely with clients across countries, and we’ve found that emojis play a crucial role in our communication within the…

Why Atlanta’s logo is perfect

What’s Atlanta about?

Akanka 3.0 — Behind our Evolution

Driven by a passion for good design we started Akanka about 2.5 years ago. We began with no experience in design, but aimed to learn fast…

We’ll be Speaking at Social Media Week Lagos

Akanka Partners with Social Media Week Lagos To Produce “How To Create A Data Strategy For Your Business Using Design Thinking”.

Our Interview with Yale University

Our partner, Chuba, was interviewed last year during his time at Yale. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say about being at Yale, about…

How to Design Beautiful & Engaging Data Visualisations — Lessons from the #ENDSARS Viz

Designing a visualisation is usually the final and crucial step when working with data meant for public consumption. The cleaning…

Lessons We Learnt While Analysing the #ENDSARS Survey Data

The #ENDSARS #ReformPoliceNG campaign began in 2016 (but garnered more attention online in December 2017) as a protest to the incessant…

How to Successfully Redesign Brands

Redesigning brands can be tricky business — especially when they have strong followings. Ask Juventus — an Italian league football team —…


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