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Sangram Sabat

Chief Growth Officer —{ Unlocking Internet for 536 Mn 🇮🇳language 🗣️ } | 📈Hacker | AI 👁️‍🗨️| Past- Sr.Consultant (Citi)

Adarsh Srivastava

Growth Associate @


Lone Survivor

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NLP: Applications, Techniques, and Beyond

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a subfield of AI that is concerned with understanding and synthesizing natural language of humans. It…

What is Deep Learning: Basics That Every Beginner Should Know

Deep learning is a part of the field of Artificial Intelligence and an emerging area of Machine Learning. Companies like Google, Toyota…

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Reinforcement Learning: A step towards Artificial General Intelligence

Reinforcement Learning is a type of semi-supervised machine learning method which is based on rewards that are determined during the…

Deep Learning Frameworks: Tensorflow, Theano, Keras and popularly used libraries

Though a buzzword for many, the concept of ‘Deep Learning’ has been around for decades; just that it had different names then. From…

Computer Vision: A Study On Different CNN Architectures and their Applications

Humans are heavily dependent on five senses to interpret the ongoing activities in the world around us. Though each of our senses is…

Transfer Learning for Deep Learning: Pre-trained models to save training time and cost

Training a neural network has been posing problems for researchers and developers for a long time. The problems are basically two: the…


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