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Kunal Jain

Data Scientist, Hacker, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

Sunil Ray

Data Scientist, Blogger, Editor

Pranav Dar

Machine Learning and football writer. An odd combination? Time will tell..

Prateek Joshi

Data Scientist (

Latest Posts

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The ability to predict what comes next in a sequence is fascinating. It’s one of the reasons I became interested in data science…

27 Books Every Data Scientist Should Read

A carefully curated list of books from around the world that deal with the different and vast branches of data science.

Real-life Implementation of Blockchain for IoT and its Applications

Blockchain technology, as we all know has developed tremendously in the last few years. We have already witnessed many of its practical…

Build your First Image Classification Model in just 10 Minutes!

“Build a deep learning model in a few minutes? It’ll take hours to train! I don’t even have a good enough machine.” I’ve heard this…

A Hands-On Introduction to Time Series Classification (with Python Code)

Classifying time series data? Is that really possible? What could potentially be the use of doing that? These are just some of the…

DataHack Radio #15: Exploring Reinforcement Learning with Xander Steenbrugge

What are the industry-wide applications of Reinforcement Learning? Why has it’s progress been slow? What can we look forward to in RL in…

[ Paper Summary ] Rethinking ImageNet Pre-training

Is pre-training always a superior method of training?

A Comprehensive Learning Path for Deep Learning in 2019

Want to get started with deep learning but can’t figure out where to begin and what to learn? Here’s your answer — in the form of the most…

The Ultimate Learning Path to Become a Data Scientist in 2019

Want to become a Data Scientist in 2019? Here’s a comprehensive and free learning path with plenty of resources!

Text Analytics - Mining the Abundance of Wealth underneath the vastness of Text !!!

While text is considered unstructured, there is an enormous amount of complexity and nuance contained in high-level human language.


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