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Data Scientist, Hacker, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

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Data Scientist, Blogger, Editor

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Data Science Enthusiast

Pranav Dar

Machine Learning and football writer. An odd combination? Time will tell..

Prateek Joshi

Data Scientist (

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications have become ubiquitous these days. I seem to stumble across websites and applications…

A Step-by-Step NLP Guide to Learn ELMo for Extracting Features from Text

ELMo is one of the best state-of-the-art frameworks to extract features from a given text dataset. Learn how to use it in Python in this…

27 Inspiring Women Blazing a Trail in the Data Science World

Recognizing and saluting the amazing women in data science!

Sentiment Classification for 2019 Elections using Text Based Classifiers

Using Text Based Classifiers to Predict Sentiments for the upcoming elections!

Introduction to Discriminant Analysis (Part 1)

The clearer we become in our thinking, and the more discriminant in our focus, the more EMPOWERED we become!

Top 5 Data Science GitHub Repositories and Reddit Discussions (January 2019)There’s nothing quite…

GitHub is the ultimate one-stop platform for hosting your code. It excels at easing the collaboration process between team members. Most…

Introduction to StanfordNLP: An NLP Library for 53 Languages (with Python code)

A tutorial on Stanford’s latest library — StanfordNLP. I showcase an implementation on basic NLP tasks in Python + an awesome case study!


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