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Kunal Jain

Data Scientist, Hacker, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

Sunil Ray

Data Scientist, Blogger, Editor

Aishwarya Singh

Data Science Enthusiast

Pranav Dar

Machine Learning and football writer. An odd combination? Time will tell..Follow my football writings on

Purva Huilgol

Data Science Intern at Analytics Vidhya. Pursuing Masters in Data Science from Dept. of Computer Science, University of Mumbai. ML and NLP enthusiast.

Mohd Sanad Zaki Rizvi

Technophile|Computer Science Afficionado| Recently into Data Science and ML

Latest Posts

Accuracy vs. F1-Score

A comparison between Accuracy and F1-score for Binary Classification and other metrics from the Confusion Matrix.

Used Car Prediction using Weighted Average Ensemble

Intuition and explanation of Weighted Average Ensemble techniques using Python

R-Squared vs Adjusted R-Squared

Evaluation Metrics for Regression models and a comparison between them

How Reproducibility Crisis is Eating Away the Credibility of Machine Learning Technology?

Reproducibility of results has become a big challenge for Machine Learning models. We explore the challenges and possible solutions.

Comprehensive Guide to Chi-Square -Tests For Independence

A detailed explanation of Chi-Square Tests and how they are used with an example

Types of Categorical Data Encoding Schemes

The different types of encoding schemes for categorical data with code in Python

Image Classification vs Object Detection vs Image Segmentation

The difference between Image Classification, Object Detection and Image Segmentation in the context of Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing with Python

Part 1: Tokens and some basic jargon used frequently in NLP

Trend Analysis and Regression Models to Combine Trends (Time Series)

A detailed trend analysis using Regression and Time Series with examples.


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