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Team AV

This is the Official Handle of Analytics Vidhya team. For more articles, check out the Analytics Vidhya website and Medium publication of Analytics Vidhya.

Kunal Jain

Data Scientist, Hacker, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

Sunil Ray

Data Scientist, Blogger, Editor

Aishwarya Singh

Data Science Enthusiast

Pranav Dar

Machine Learning and football writer. An odd combination? Time will tell..Follow my football writings on

Purva Huilgol

Data Science Intern at Analytics Vidhya. Pursuing Masters in Data Science from Dept. of Computer Science, University of Mumbai. ML and NLP enthusiast.

Mohd Sanad Zaki Rizvi

Technophile|Computer Science Afficionado| Recently into Data Science and ML

Prateek Joshi

Data Scientist (

Shivangi Patel

Product Growth Intern at Analytics Vidhya. I have completed M.E in Big Data and Data Analytics. Statistics and Data Science Enthusiast.


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