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Damien Ducourty

Ξntrepreneur, casual coder, loves learning and sharing. Founder @b9lab

Team B9lab

Blockchain education, training and talent.

Elias Haase

Beekeeper, Blockchain person. Founder @b9lab

Xavier Lepretre

Senior Blockchain Developer and Trainer at B9lab

Rhian Lewis

Technologist, #Ruby, #blockchain & #cryptocurrency. Co-developer #altcoin portfolio tracker CountMyCrypto. Author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Rhian Lewis

Software engineer/blockchain consultant

Citlali Mora Catlett

political scientist with a focus on international relations, security policy and economy, navigating through the sometimes stormy seas of blockchain technology.

Adel Rustum

Open for new opportunities. Senior Blockchain Software Engineer / Blockchain Tutor @ B9lab

Latest Posts

Enabling Dynamic RPC User Access Management for Corda Nodes

To connect a client to a Corda node, you must define an RPC user; this article shows you how to achieve that dynamically.

Monitoring Corda Nodes With Splunk

Corda nodes come predefined with many metrics that you can export with Jolokia and consume in Splunk.

Elevating Tokens SDK With On-Ledger Custom Reporting

On-Ledger Reporting on Token Transactions

Complementing Tokens SDK With Off-Ledger Custom Reporting

Off-Ledger Reporting on Token Transactions

What’s New and Exciting in Corda 4.4

R3 just launched Corda 4.4. The release fixed many bugs and introduced important features. We focus on the most significant.

How to Design a CorDapp and Analyze Privacy Leaks Using CDL Views

Using R3's CDL Views (CorDapp Design Language Views), which is a template of shapes (like the ones that you get in Visio or Lucidchart)

Why You Need to Sign Your CorDapps and How to Do It

Why You Need to Sign Your CorDapps

CordaCon 2019 Highlights: R3’s Tokens SDK

This blog is part of a series of short articles highlighting the new and exciting things that I learned about in CordaCon 2019 which was…


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