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Vaidehi Joshi

Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

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Foraging for the Fallacies of Distributed Computing (Part 1)

So much of computing is based on assumptions. We design systems operating on a set of assumptions. We write programs and applications…

Weeding Out Distributed System Bugs

As we’ve learned more and more about distributed systems, we’ve seen the many ways that things can wrong. More specifically, we’ve seen…

Modes of Failure (Part 2)

The more that one delves into the world of failure, the more obvious it becomes that so many different parts of a distributed system can…

Modes of Failure (Part 1)

When we talk about things going wrong, often the first question we want to answer is how exactly they went wrong. This is especially true…

Fantastic Faults and What to Call Them

When we started off learning about distributed systems, we knew that this topic in particular can be a little hard. And in the beginning of…

Ready and Available Distributed Systems

When most people talk about distributed systems, they can make certain assumptions about how the system functions. For example, we usually…

Scalability Solutions: Managing a System’s Growth Spurts

Almost all systems will undergo some kind of growth spurt during the course of their lives, and every successful system will likely have…

Scalability Problems: Hidden Challenges of Growing a System

So far, this series has been focused around the techniques and concepts behind distributing a system. We’ve also explored how to go about…

Scalability: Growing a System in Different Directions

Many conversations about distributed systems arise because everyone is talking about one topic in particular: size. When people talk about…

Transparency: Illusions of a Single System (Part 2)

This post is the second installment in a two-part series on distribution transparency. Read Part 1 here!


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