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BCG GAMMA is a global entity of BCG dedicated to Analytics, Data science and Artificial Intelligence.

Laurent Acharian

Global Director @ BCG GAMMA

Latest Posts

A Better Way? Forecasting with Embeddings

Written by Vince F, Emilio Lapiello & Andrew Fowler

Adopting Data Science Solutions for Business: Balancing Complexity, Accuracy and Interpretability

Even a superb algorithmic solution doesn’t do much good if nobody uses it because they don’t understand it or trust its outputs…

Giving your Algorithm a Spark

by Jörg Schneider and Jens Ortmann

Analytics Roadmap to Personalization

AI-enabled Personalization is an analytics roadmap that blends data science, marketing and business strategy.

How to Reap the Benefits — and Overcome the Challenges — of Pricing Software Implementation

Implementing the right pricing software can help you advance along the pricing maturity curve and boost bottom-line profits. Just make…

Novel TabPy Approach Connects the Power of Python to the Front-end Ease of Tableau

If you are familiar with TabPy, then you know it is a powerful solution for those who want to use Tableau as a visualization tool, but…

An Ensemble Approach to Large-Scale Fuzzy Name Matching

by Piyush Sagar Mishra and Ranjan Kant

How to Build the Personalization Stack

As consumers’ digital footprints continue to grow, companies are increasingly trying to capture the information they yield to provide…

Ground Predictive Healthcare Models in Real-World Medical Data — and in Real-World Medical Practice

With every passing day, advanced analytics that leverage machine learning or artificial intelligence are opening up new possibilities in…

Bring your Python code up to speed with Numba

Python is the programming language of choice for most data scientists. It supports multiple programming paradigms, is available for many…


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