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Latest Posts

VS Code’s REST Client Plugin is All You Need to Make API Calls

Why leave the IDE to test new endpoints? Now you don’t have to.

Top Image Lazy Loading Libraries for JavaScript

Choosing what‘s best for your audience

Decorators: JavaScript and TypeScript Hidden Gems

Although still an experimental feature, you can already play around with decorators and start seeing what you’ll be able to do with them.

GitHub CLI is Now Available: Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

GitHub CLI is finally out. Find out what it offers to boost your productivity and automate everyday operations with ease.

Why Should You Use Top-level Await in JavaScript?

A feature that can change the way we JavaScript

Documenting Your TypeScript Projects: There Are Options

Whether you’re a TypeScript developer, a JavaScript developer or any type of developer really, you most likely hate writing documentation…

The Most Essential Tips to Better UI/UX Design

Here are some tips to ensure you provide great UI/UX design and development services to your clients.

Getting Started with Malina.js

Yet another JavaScript framework. The JavaScript ecosystem is rapidly evolving and with it is the release of several JS frameworks to help…

Building an Offline-First Web App with create-react-app

The importance of offline-first and how to create one using React and Firebase

Reduce Redux Boilerplate Code with Redux-Actions

Minimizing Actions and Reducers boilerplate code using Redux-Actions


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