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Ran Mizrahi

Founder of; Author of Bit; Software Engineer.

Itay Mendel

Jack of all trades. PM @ CoCycles

Eden Ella

Web developer and technical writer.

Jonathan Saring

I write code and words · Component-driven Software · Micro Frontends · Design Systems · Pizza 🍕 Building open source @

Ashan Fernando

Solutions Architect and a Content Specialist. For more details find me in Linkedin

Lakindu Hewawasam

AWS Certified | AWS Community Builder — Serverless | LinkedIn:

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How Composable Architecture Will Help AWS Lambda Development at Scale

Building a Fullstack React Application in 5 Minutes

Understanding Bit and Composability by Building a Composable GraphQL and React Vite app

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Can we break the monolithic Infrastructure as Code into Composable Components?

Composable Microservices: Deploying into K8 Cluster

How to deploy Microservice Components into Kubernetes

How to Create and Publish NPM Packages

Effortlessly Manage and Publish Your npm Packages with Bit

How to Dockerize Your Composable Architecture

A Simple Guide to Dockerizing Your Composable Architecture for Smoother and Faster App Deployment

Using Builder IO Visual Editor to Assemble Your Bit Components

Streamlining Bit Component Assembly with’s Visual Tools

Customize Material UI Components and Theme: A Modern Approach

Build an ultra-modular component library with Bit and Material UI

Packaged Business Capabilities: How and Why

Leveraging Bit for Effective Implementation of PBCs

Pluggable PBCs with Bit Harmony

How to standardize and simplify the integration of Packaged Business Capabilities


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