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Shiva S

Founder /CEO @ Blockonomics

Chetan Bhati

AVP, Sales & Marketing @ Blockonomics

Reggie T.

Growth marketer in blockchain & cryptocurrency.

Jon Hodl

Bitcoin Experimentarian. Currently Head of Marketing at

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Blockchain technology is used to create cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin. In 2009, an anonymous creator given the name Satoshi…

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Starting your own bitcoin store can be a little bit of a challenge but don’t worry. Blockonommics is here to help. We understand that…

Blockchain And The Future of App Development

When most people think about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency comes to mind. Indeed, blockchain keeps a record of all cryptocurrency…

Which cyptocurrency to use for payments?

Lightning network has made substantial progress and a number of merchants are now accepting lightning on their online stores. Most…

6 Basics of Decentralized Finance You Should Know

Depending on whom you ask, cryptocurrencies are either a fool’s errand or our inevitable future. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum…

Accepting Bitcoin — Do you need a payment gateway ?

So you created a bitcoin wallet, did a few transactions and are loving the cryptocurrency memes and financial freedom. Surely its time now…

Can You Commit Fraud Using Cryptocurrencies? (Hint: Yes)

There’s little point in arguing against Bitcoin’s potential staying power. In 2017, the market cap for all digital currencies rose from…

Could Bitcoin Save Pension Funds?

Asset management firm Morgan Creek Digital recently received what is believed to be the first cryptocurrency investment from a U.S…


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