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Top 6 Bitcoin Transactions ever made in history

Bitcoin journey since its inception almost a decade ago has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride and it is only getting started. It…

How to double spend bitcoin using electrum — No technical sorcery required!

The below post has simple instructions on doing a bitcoin double spend. It doesn’t require you to manually construct transactions or use…

The 4 Best Ways to Get Paid in Crypto Right Now

Maybe you’re big on personal financial independence and wish your paycheck could come entirely in bitcoin. Or maybe you want to save for…

How to Invoice Bitcoin Without Losing Money

Whether you are a business or a professional there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy by accepting bitcoin as a payment. You get fast…

Bitcoin Adoption Story — Interview with Matthew Anderson owner of ScienceSupply

Earlier this month, Blockonomics got in touch with Matthew Anderson, a passionate entrepreneur to learn more about him, his company and…

The journey of an Indian bitcoin entrepreneur - What happened with flybit?

Many people have asked me the same question about flybit recently and my response was always short and related to issues involving…

How to Use Bitcoin Ad Networks

Bitcoin ad networks are a niche online advertising service that brings together website publishers and advertisers who want to promote…

Surge Pricing — How the Bitcoin network works like Uber?

The world’s most used cryptocurrency and most used cab aggregator seen not to be related at all. However, they have a lot in common. Let…

How to Pay a Bitcoin Invoice

This 3-step guide will walk you through the process of how to pay a bitcoin invoice.

7 Reasons why the Lightning Network is Growing

For anyone who has been following the bitcoin ecosystem you must have heard of something called the Lightning Network. It’s one of the…


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