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5 Misconceptions About Data Privacy and GDPR

Privacy can be an expensive business.

Spotlight: Hannah Yum Discusses Project Management and Culture

X-Mode is happy to present our first edition of X-Posé, a monthly employee spotlight designed to give an inside look at our incredible…

4th of July Data Visualized: Top 5 Cities that Flocked to the Fireworks

No matter what your plans were for the Fourth of July, I’m sure you had to shape your day around crowds, lines, and traffic. Fortunately…

AWS Marketplace’s First Data as a Service

X-Mode is thrilled to provide the first — and so far only — Data as a Service offering on the AWS Marketplace. By offering the XDK on AWS…

Popertee, X-Mode, and the Future of Retail

X-Mode is excited to announce our partnership with Popertee, the platform that is working to digitize physical spaces and transfer online…

Gentrify Your What?

Jay-Z freestyled for his audience at Webster Hall last month in order to pay respect to the late Nipsey Hussle. While this was a gesture…

Top 5 SKDs — Who’s the GOAT?

What’s up X-Buddies! I’m sure by now you’ve heard enough about X-Mode and our awesome SDK — the XDK, as I like to call it. In this post…

The Data We Deserve, Not the Data We Need Right Now.

When Robert Oppenheimer split the atom, or when Albert Einstein identified the Theory of General Relativity before him, I’m sure neither…

Bid Stream Beef’n

We want you to think about the source of your location data the same way you think about the source of your food. We are giving you full…

March Madness

It’s that time of the year again. Fill out your brackets, feel the blanket of tension cover your office, and be more grateful than ever…


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