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Stephen Fiser

CEO at Blue Bear Digital Inc.

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Smart Contracts Must Be Highly Stable

A Pattern for Upgradeable Software on the Blockchain

15 Minute Write-ups

How to Find Simple Solutions as a Team

Reducing Matching Engine Market Power with Decentralization

How Blockchain Based Data Markets Level the Playing Field

Challenges with Object Oriented Smart Contracts

The battle between upgradeability and trust

Blockchains Are Only as Trustworthy as the Data Entered Into Them

Across the universe of blockchain projects, many people have made claims regarding the trust that the blockchain enables.

Hidden Liskov Violations

I came across an interesting problem while working on a Javascript library for the Paradigm Protocol.

The Case for Small Contracts

Software changes.

Supply Chain Finance Reimagined on the Blockchain

Supply Chain Finance is a financial service that allows buyers and suppliers across markets to better manage their own cash flow.

Iterative, Documentation-Driven Development

Blue Bear has always used some version of the following workflow to develop software features:

Decentralization vs. UX

Great UX is well-known to be one of the key attributes that any startup needs to have in order to be successful. For example, an incredible…


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