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Hey Botmakers, You Asked for it. Here you go.

How The Manufacturing Industry is benefitting from Chatbot Deployment

Let me keep it simple. The chatbot is buzzing a lot nowadays. Whether you like it or not, chatbot is fated. Chatbot in the manufacturing…

Extending Chatbots with Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft Bot Framework is an open source SDK and set of tools for developing chatbots. One of the advantages of building chatbots with…

Live Chat Agent: The Human Element in Conversational AI — Haptik Blog

Learn about Haptik’s proprietary Live Chat Agent tool, and how it helps enterprises have better conversations with their customers.

Emoji Handling in Dialogflow (download intent and entities)

Download Intents and Entities with all the emojis as training phrases/synonyms. Handy solution to enable emoji handling in Dialogflow.

Code Deployment in multiple AWS accounts using Octopus | Haptik Tech Blog

Do you deploy code to multiple AWS accounts? Read how Octopus can help you deploy code to multiple cross-account AWS ECS services/clusters.

Creating a Chatbot with Microsoft Azure QnA Maker and Alexa

QnA Maker is Microsoft’s easy-to-use, cloud-based API for turning a public-facing FAQ page, product manuals, and support documents into a…

Multilingual Chatbots: Building Vernacular Conversational AI

Learn about multilingual chatbots - why they are needed, how to develop them & Haptik’s experience of building its first vernacular…

Open Source Entity Recognition for Indian Languages (NER) | Haptik Tech Blog

Open-sourced Multi-lingual support for Entity Recognition.  Build the next generation Entity Recognition by contributing

Automating Bot Testing at Haptik | Haptik Tech Blog

Testing bots can be challenging. Learn how Haptik has effectively automated this complex QA process, using our bot testing tool.


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