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Choosing your Endgame: How to product manage like Doctor Strange

When faced with an existential threat to the future of Earth, Doctor Strange was able to see only a single positive outcome out of…

VTS’s Journey towards Engineering Excellence

Early in my tenure at VTS, one of our engineers asked me a profound question: “I know about our company’s mission and vision, but what is…

From Intern to Full-Time Software Engineer

Landing my first engineering job in 2020

Diagnosing performance issues in Rails applications

Almost everyone who works on a large Rails application will eventually have to deal with performance problems.

The Great Migration: An Angular to React Migration Two Years in the Making

If you’ve been following the VTS blog, you may have stumbled across this post from Kyle Holzinger where he detailed the thought that went…

Hacking VTS

It’s often said that programmers quit their jobs due to disorganization, lack of support and vision, and no stimulation. Would you agree?

What It’s Like to Be an Engineering Intern at VTS

How Company Values Can Make an Intern Feel at Home

How to Host a Group Code Review

Group Code Review is a tradition at VTS, and I’ve always learned something from attending and seeing other people’s code. But as someone…

Happy 1 Year, VTS Toronto!

It’s been exactly one year since VTS opened its doors in Toronto and hired its first software engineer. Two office moves, many trips to…

How to Make the Most out of Code Reviews

Just like writing code, it’s critical that we practice reviewing code and giving feedback on it.


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