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Steve Casale

I write to keep the wolf at the door. I’m a scribe and editor at Pivotal.

Liz Huang

Communications Associate @Pivotal

Latest Posts

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Why communication and camaraderie are necessary for a distributed team

A UX Designer’s Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

How designers in complex technical domains can quash self-doubt

Pivoting into Product Management

This week for Pivotal Voices, we’re featuring Sharon Tam, Senior Product Manager at Pivotal New York.

Boost Greenplum BI Performance with Heimdall Data

Eric Brandsberg, CTO of Heimdall Data and Greg Chase, Business Development Lead at Pivotal, chat with Jeff Kelly about how Heimdall Data…

How and Why to Classify Problems in User Interviews

Measure Intensity, Frequency, and Recency

So, You Want to Build a “Silicon Valley-like” Software Developer Culture? Focus on the People.

The ongoing race to reinvent enterprise IT’s identity as a modern software development shop.

Conversant Processes 200 Billion Events Per Day With Pivotal Greenplum

If you’ve ever been online, you’ve probably encountered Conversant, though you may not have realized it. The Chicago-based company is part…

Automation is the Answer at Scotiabank

How Scotiabank is Modernizing its Approach to Software Development

What’s the Best Way to Pair?

Pomodoro, Ping-Pong or Pair-mate?


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